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The most pressing problems on earth can only be adressed by bringing together ideas from all sciences. We do this in an early stage, not at the end of an scientific career. We do unusual interdisciplinarity: We are electrical engineers, medical physicists or neuro scientists at the same time. Our common language: Mathematics, theoretical physics and computer science.

Who we are

Applied scientists by day.
Theoretical physicists by night

Antje K. Peters

Antje holds a PhD in theoretical particle physics. She brought her strong formal background to medical sciences, human genome sequencing and ultimately neuroscience as well as medical psychology.


Sven T. Köppel

Sven holds a PhD in theoretical astrophysics and gravitational physics. His current research focus is on exotic computing architectures such as analog computing.


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About Münster

We are an independent private research institute located in the German city of Münster.

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